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Shank Mounted Flap Wheel (Ceramic)  HF4025C-80  TRUSCO

Shank Mounted Flap Wheel (Ceramic) HF4025C-80 TRUSCO

【order ID】8563408
【basic item number】HF4025C80
【brand name】TRUSCO
【minimum order quantity】1Box
【Country of origin】Japan

●By employing ceramic abrasive grains, high grinding capacity and long life have been realized.●Capable of polishing of difficult-to-grind materials such as stainless steel and titanium.●For coarse grinding.●Compared to our conventional products, grinding performance has more than tripled. *According to tests by our company●Rust remover, burring, polishing of pipe' s inner side.●Working Tool: Straight-type grinder.●Grain Size (#):80●Outer Diameter x W x Shaft Diameter x Shaft Length (mm):40 x 25 x 6 x 40●Blade Number (sheet):Approx. 44●Max Working Rotation Speed (rpm):20000

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