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Container Bag  190615  ASAHI

Container Bag 190615 ASAHI

【order ID】8553259
【basic item number】190615
【brand name】ASAHI
【minimum order quantity】1Pcs
【manufacturer name】Asahisangyo Co.,Ltd.
【Country of origin】China

●Double structure with body fabric(PP)and back fabric(PE)●For transporting disposed asbestos.●For transporting contaminants.●Max Filling Load (kg):1000●Outer Diameter x H (mm):?O900 x 800●Asbestos disposal level 3●One-way type●Surface fabric: Polypropylene(PP)●Back fabric: Polyethylene(PE)●The use is limited to one time.●Hitting it with a sharp object will damage it and scatter the contents.●Refrain from going under the suspended bag.

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