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Tin Coated Roll Tap  1017 M2.0X0.4  GUHRING

Tin Coated Roll Tap 1017 M2.0X0.4 GUHRING

【order ID】4723953
【basic item number】1017M2.0X0.4
【brand name】GUHRING
【minimum order quantity】1Pcs
【manufacturer name】Guhring Japan Corporation
【Country of origin】Germany

●Because it forms screw by plastic deformation, chip is not produced.●For blind hole and through hole machining.●Work Material: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Malleable Steel●Precision Table:Standard●Precision:RH4●Nominal Dimension:M2●Pitch (mm):0.40●Screw Length (mm):4.0●Total Length (mm):40●Shank Diameter (mm):3.0●Shank Square Part (mm):2.5●Machining Thread: Metric Thread Screw●Number of bit thread: 2 to 3 ridges●High Speed Steel (HSS-E)

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