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Putiputi  10592  KAWAKAMI

Putiputi 10592 KAWAKAMI

【order ID】4934067
【basic item number】10592
【brand name】KAWAKAMI
【minimum order quantity】1Pack
【manufacturer name】Kawakami Sangyo Co.,ltd.
【Country of origin】Japan

●Packing is easy because the bag has been processed. Work efficiency is increased.●Two-layer type of lightweight cushioning material that has excellent chemical resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance and light transmittance(transparency).●Has been cut so it is easy to handle. Effective in improving work efficiency.●Toxic gases are not generated at incineration.●In a bag shape with velotape, so it can be attached with one touch.●Toxic gases are not generated at incineration.●For packing when moving house.●Protection and packaging of car parts, glass, ceramics, art objects.●Count:d40L●W x L (mm):180 x 280●Polyethylene (PE)

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