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Cooling AC FAN San Ace  109-130  SanACE

Cooling AC FAN San Ace 109-130 SanACE

【order ID】3532143
【basic item number】109130
【brand name】SanACE
【minimum order quantity】1Pcs
【manufacturer name】SANYO DENKI CO.,LTD.
【Country of origin】Japan

●Forced air cooling to heat source of the equipment and the inside of the control panel by fan blowing.●Controlling the temperature rise of parts will extend the life of the equipment.●Easy operating simply by connecting AC power supply for alternating current power supply. (wire x 2)●Heat source cooling of communication equipment, control equipment, and power supply equipment etc.●Blowing, circulation, and diffusion of air.●Angular Dimension(mm):●60●Thickness (mm):38●Rated Voltage (V):AC100●50Hz:0.33●Air Volume ([[M3]]/min) 60Hz:0.40●50Hz:16.3●Static Pressure (Pa) 60Hz:23.3●50Hz:28●Sound Pressure Level (dB (A)) 60Hz:30●Expected Life (Hour):25000●Operating Voltage Range: Rated voltage ?}10%, Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 60●C (free of condensation)●Protection Function: Burnout Protection Bag (prevents heating of the winding by limiting the current at the time of the blade restraint roll)●Definition of Expected Life: With rated voltage, continuous operation, ambient temperature of 60●C, residual rate of 90%●Frame: aluminum die-cast●Blade: Resin (PPHOX)●Power Supply Plug Cord (● 60mm fan is none included due to lead wire accessory specs)

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