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High Speed Steel Tip  H-10R03-B15  SANWA

High Speed Steel Tip H-10R03-B15 SANWA

【order ID】4051360
【basic item number】10R03B15
【brand name】SANWA
【minimum order quantity】10Pcs
【manufacturer name】SANWASEISAKUSYO Co.,Ltd
【Country of origin】Japan

●Toughness is higher compared with other material tip, making it optimum for intermittent cutting and machining that does not increase the rotational speed of the workpiece.●Shape:Round piece 10●?Breaker:Rake Angle 15●●D1 (mm):10.000●Thickness (mm):3.18●D2 (mm):3.60●R:-●Carbide Tip Model Number:RCMX●●●Compatible Model: General Purpose Lathe, NC Lathe●High Speed Steel (SKH57)●The holder conforms to the standard of carbide tip.

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