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GP Top[[RU]]Tokumarukun  GP100TM-120  TRUSCO

GP Top[[RU]]Tokumarukun GP100TM-120 TRUSCO

【order ID】2209489
【basic item number】GP100TM
【brand name】TRUSCO
【minimum order quantity】1Box
【Country of origin】Japan

●An economical type that has almost the same performance with GP top[[RU]] and achieved further cost reduction due to efficiency improvement of the production process.●Bead removal of welded surfaces.●Paint and rust remover.●Heavy grinding, metal polishing by disc grinder.●Polishing of aircraft, automobiles, hulls, bridges and tanks, etc.●Scale removal and various burr removal of metal.●Others, polishing of iron and steel and non-ferrous metals.●Grain Size (#):120●Outer Diameter x Blade Length x Hole Diameter (mm):100 x 16 x 16●Max Working Rotation Speed (rpm):13600●Blade Number (sheet):80●Grinding Angle: 15 to 30●●Max Working Peripheral Velocity: 72m/s (4300m/min)●Including 10 pieces per 15mm hole adapter box (separately sold item no. 5 pieces included: GPTAS-5P)

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