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Direct Screw-in GP Nylon Disc  GPN100AL-320  TRUSCO

Direct Screw-in GP Nylon Disc GPN100AL-320 TRUSCO

【order ID】2163381
【basic item number】GPN100AL
【brand name】TRUSCO
【minimum order quantity】1Box
【Country of origin】Japan

●Can be installed with one touch (screw type).●Nylon abrasive, which is made by sticking intertwined nylon fiber with abrasive, is used.●While the abrasive material of the paper polishing cloth directly strikes the polishing materials, the textile of nylon abrasive material acts as a cushion by the intertwined fiber and prevents the polishing materials from being excessively scraped.●Since it is large authigenesis, it does not get clogged.●Welding burn removal, curve surface of woodwork, R part sealer sanding, finishing before painting, satin finish, mirror surface pre-processing, paint removal.●Grain Size (#):320●Outer Diameter x Thickness x Thread Diameter (mm):100 x 15 x M10 (P1.5)●Max Working Rotation Speed (rpm):6000●Layers of Non-Woven Fabric (sheet):29●Max Working Peripheral Velocity: 31.4m/s (1884m/min)

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